Where Do Bananas Come From? by Arielle ‘Dani’ Lebovitz

I’m a little addicted to Kickstarter and at the moment I’m finding some very good books that I think would be good to read to kids. One that I’ve backed is Where Do Bananas Come From? by Arielle ‘Dani’ Lebovitz. A book that has 52 different fruits, one for each week of the year, and outlines facts about each fruit. The graphics look good and I like how you could easily integrate this once a week, even bringing in the actual fruit for tasting.

I look forward to reading this one. I’ve backed the digital edition for 20 USD. If you’re interested get in quick as there is only 5 days left.


The Little Particle That Could by Jason Rodriguez

Beautifully illustrated story that has been made to help children’s understanding of fundamental particles, in this case photons and gravitons. Read with my kids and they loved it.

I purchased this book through it’s Kickstarter campaign, my pledge was for the digital edition (5 USD) and I have already received it. I like the digital versions of picture books as they don’t take up space and help with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability General Capability in the Australian Curriculum.