World Science Festival 2017 in Brisbane

The World Science Festival Brisbane 2017 is being held 22-26 March. According to their website “The Queensland Museum Network holds exclusive license to host the World Science Festival in the Asia Pacific, reinforcing Australia’s position as a knowledge economy and igniting new and challenging discussions in and about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).”

I was lucky enough to be in Brisbane and visited two events on the program.

Colour our Coral: A Mass Colouring Event (The blue coral with pink dots being my artistic contribution!) Apparently this is one of the biggest coloring-in projects on record. I love the idea of the public contribution to a large Colouring In project. Was good fun and could really see kids getting into this.

Hadron Collider: Step Inside the World’s Greatest Experiment. An interactive exhibition that takes you through parts of the Hadron Collider. What I really liked in some of the ‘whiteboards’ they used as a way to explain the Physics involved.


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